What We Do

We have a strong and proven investment track record. Our funds completed many transactions with the main strategy is to invest in rapidly growing businesses. With our professional management and competent staff, we work to help our investors to grow and expand, using all our external resources to create value.

Leading Investors

Our Limited Partners typically have substantial funds made available for private equity or venture investment. Our investors include leading institutional investors (mainly private equity, hedge funds, pension funds and insurance companies) and high net-worth individuals, foundations, and family offices.

Unlocking Potential

All those companies that we target have the potential to be listed publicly in the future, we often strengthen them by bringing in and using external resources through our network of consultants.

We help these companies:


Help the company to raise funds for supporting corporate growth.

Increase Value

Create or enhance the company’s shareholder value


Use an appropriate capital structure to balance financial risk of the company


Allow the company to access various sources of funds, including the capital markets.

Minimize Costs

Help the company to reduce costs and overheads through restructuring operations


Bring external professionals in improving accounting, management, marketing or operational aspects of the company

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