Pioneering Prosperity Amidst an Unpredictable World​

Opportunity Venture (Asia) Limited is the General Partner of the limited partnership fund and consistently seeking high return in an inconsistent world. Our purpose is to help investors, employees, shareholders and communities achieve long-term financial well-being.

About Us


Opportunity Venture I Limited Partnership Fund is established under the form of limited partnership fund regime in Hong Kong; in which both private and institutional investors are enabled to facilitate the channeling of capital into private equity and venture capital investments.

YG HK Limited is the Investment Manager of the fund and YG Capital Management Limited acts as the Responsible Entity to the fund, as it is licensed under the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) of Hong Kong
· Type 4 – Advising on Securities
· Type 9 – Asset Management


We work together with our global network of Limited Partners to invest in companies or projects which require an equity investment or debt financing from our funds. Our in-depth industry focus and expertise are complemented by an ability to capitalize on Asian growth opportunities through our head office in Hong Kong.

Our funds seek investment opportunities in Asia, Europe and Middle East regions.
We focus on eight business sectors:

Renewable Energy

Agriculture Commodities

Metals Mining

IT Solutions

Financial Technology


Media Entertainment

Real Estate

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